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Basic English Words Explained in Basic English

a "a" before a noun (“an" if the noun begins with a vowel)

able having the necessary power

about having to do with

above overhead

accept to receive or to take something given

according (to) as stated by

account a list of money operations

accuse charge with having done something wrong

achieve to succeed

across to the opposite side

act process of doing something

adapt make fit for

add to put with

admit to permit to enter, to accept

adult one who is of legal age

advertisement to give public notice (press, radio, TV, web, roadside)

advise to give advice

affect to have an effect upon

afraid filled with fear

after behind, next to, later in time

again once more

against in an opposite direction to

age time of life

agency a business or service acting for others

ago gone by, past

agree have the same opinion

ahead in a forward direction

aid to help

aim to direct, a purpose

air gases that surround the earth

alive having life

all the whole of

allow to permit

ally to unite or join for a purpose

almost nearly, not quite

alone apart from other people

along on, with a forward motion

already by this time

also in addition, besides

although even if

always every time, continuously

among in the middle of

amount a total

and used to connect words or sentences

anger strong feeling of displeasure

angle space between two lines extending from the same point

announce make known

another some other

answer words in return to a question

any one out of many

apartment a series of connected rooms, a flat

apologize to express regret

appeal make a request

appear to come to be seen

apple a round fruit

apply 1°to put into service 2°to ask for something

appoint to name to a position

approve to agree with something or somebody, to okay

area a space

argue to discuss with someone who disagrees

arm human upper body part, weapon

army a group of people armed for war

around on all sides

arrest to seize or hold by legal authority

arrive to come to a place

art the creation of beautiful or important things

as to the same degree

ask to put a question to

assist to help

at near to, by, in

attach to join one thing to another by some means

attack to set upon with force

attempt to make an effort at

attend to be present at

attention a mental effort toward one thing

authority the power to enforce something on someone

automatic acting or operating by itself

autumn the season between summer and winter, the fall

available for use by someone

average usual quantity

avoid to keep away from

awake to stop sleeping

award to give for high performance or quality

away at a distance from a given place or position

baby a very young child

back 1°opposite of "front" 2°return

bad not good

bag a soft container with a single opening

balance equality between two parts or two quantities

ball a round object used in games

ballot a paper used to vote

ban forbid by law or authority

bank a place where one can borrow money

bar long piece of solid material, a place where one can buy and enjoy drinks

barrier a structure to block a way

base the lowest material

basket a small container

bath large container used to wash the body

battle a fight between armed forces

be describes the quality of being

bear to carry, to support

beat to strike with force more than once

beauty quality that gives pleasure to the senses

because for the reason that

become to grow or come to be

bed anything to sleep on

beer a drink which is dangerous for self-control

before earlier

begin to do the first step of an action

behind at the back

believe to accept as true or real

bell an object that made a warning sound when struck

belong to be the property of

below in or to a lower place

bend opposite of straighten

beside at the side of

best most excellent

betray to be disloyal

better higher in quality

between in the space or time separating

big of great size

bill a statement of charges

bird a flying animal with wings

birth the act of being born

bit a small quantity

bite to cut into or off with the teeth

black opposite to white

blade cutting part of anything like a knife

blame to hold responsible, to express disagreement

blank surface not written or printed on

blanket bedding that keeps a person warm in bed

bleed to lose blood

blind not able to see

block 1° a space in town within 4 streets 2° to stop the way

blood the red fluid which the heart sends to all parts of the body

blow to move as the wind does

blue a color like that of a clear sky

board 1° a flat piece of wood 2° to sleep and take meals (at)

boat a small open floating structure to travel on water

body the whole material part of a human being

bomb a weapon dropped on a target

bone material that makes up the skeleton

bonus an extra to an employee

book printed material with pages between covers

boot shoe that covers the whole foot and lower leg

border line separating two countries, properties, or subjects

born brought into existence

borrow to get from someone and be returned

boss a person who exercises control over employees

both two together

bottle a container, usually glass

bottom the lowest or deepest part

box a container, often with a cover

boy a male child

boycott to refuse dealing with, as a way of protest

brain in the head, for the exercise of emotion and thought

brake a device for slowing or stopping motion

branch a division of something

brave controlling one's fear when facing a danger

bread common food made from wheat

break to cause to come to pieces

breathe to get air in and out of one's chest

brick a block of hard material used in building

bridge a structure to pass over a waterway, or another road

brief to inform

bright shining

bring take something or somebody with oneself to a nearer position

broad wide

broadcast to send on by radio or television

brother a male person having the same parents as another

brown a color similar to that of dark wood or earth

brush a tool with hair firmly set into a handle for cleaning

budget a plan for meeting costs

build make by putting materials together

bullet a piece of metal to be shot from a gun

burn to be or set on fire

burst to force open or fly apart suddenly

bury to place in the ground

business a company, a professional activity

busy actively at work

but however

butter a yellow fat food made from milk

button a small disk on a piece of clothing, to keep it closed

buy to get by giving money

by by means of

cabinet piece of furniture to store things

call a loud cry often in protest, opposition, or when asking for an answer

calm quiet

camera equipment for taking pictures

camp a shelter for a short time

campaign a series of actions taken to get something done

can 1° a metal container 2° to be able to

cancel to suppress

capture to take by force

car automobile

card a small flat piece of thin cardboard

care serious attention

carriage an outdated four-wheel vehicle

carry to take from one place to another

case 1° an example 2° a container

cash money in the form of paper-bills or metal

cat a small family animal

catch to capture

cause a reason

celebrate to observe an event with ceremonies

cell 1° a small material of a whole 2° a device for storing electricity

center a middle point

century a period of 100 years

ceremony a formal set of acts done according to custom

certain definite, sure

chain any series of things

chair a seat with a back

chairman one that holds first place, the officer who presides the meeting

challenge an invitation to compete, to debate a point of view

champion an active supporter

chance a possibility due to a good combination of conditions

change 1° to make different 2° the money received when what you give is too high

channel a body of water joining two larger ones, a television broadcasting station

character combination of qualities of a person

charge 1° to ask as a price 2° to accuse

chart 1° a map 2° a display of information

chase to go after to try to catch

cheap not dear (in terms of money)

check to prove true or right

cheer shout of approval

cheese food made from milk

chemical dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions

chest the part of the body between neck and stomach

chief a person who is in charge and gives orders to others

child a young person, not an adult

choose select among others

church a building for religious meetings

circle a round line always at the same distance from a central point

citizen a person belonging to a nation

city a large town

civilian a person in civil life, not in the armed forces

claim to demand as one's due

clash make or cause to make a loud sound

class a group of students working together

clean 1° not dirty 2° to make clean by removing dirt

clear easy to see through

climate the weather of the place

climb to go upward with continuous progress

clock an instrument showing time

close to cause to stop operation, to suppress an opening (door, window…)

cloth material, textile

cloud a white or gray natural body moving by the wind in the sky

coal a black substance used as natural fuel

coast the land next to the sea

coat a warm article of clothing covering the whole body, worn outside

code a set of laws or rules

cold opposite of hot

collect to get or gather together

college an organization of higher learning

colony a group of people who settle far from their parent country

color quality of light of an object

combine to put or add together

come to move toward, travel toward

comfort a state of being calm and feeling no pain

command orders(s) to do something

comment a statement that expresses a personal opinion

committee a group to perform a job

common belonging to a community as a whole

communicate to give and receive information

community a group of people living in the same area

company a person who is frequently with another

compare to examine similarities and differences

compete to measure oneself against others

complete having all necessary parts

compromise a middle way between two extremes

computer a data storing and processing machine

concern 1° something that interests you 2° to be on the mind of

condemn to express strong disapproval of

condition the state in which a person or thing is, at a given moment

conference a meeting

confirm to establish or support with new evidence or fact

congratulate to express pleasure at someone’s success

congress a meeting of representatives

connect to join or link

consider to examine

consumption the act of buying goods or services

contact when surfaces, points, or people join

contain to have within

continent one of the main land parts of the earth

continue to keep up

control to exercise authoritative power over

cook to get food ready for eating by heat

cool the quality of being at a pleasant low temperature

cooperate to work together

copy a totally similar thing

cork used to stop a bottle

corn a yellow vegetable

corner point where lines or surfaces meet

correct free from mistakes

cost the price which one has to pay

cotton soft white vegetable used in making clothing

count 1° the act of counting 2°the total number counted

country 1° a large area outside towns 2° territory occupied by a nation

course series of studies

court a place where justice is given

cover to put something over so as to protect

cow a female animal giving milk

crash a loud repeating noise

create to cause to exist

credit money that one can borrow

crew a team of employees

crime an act that is against the law

crisis a difficult turning point

criteria a basis for comparison

criticize to find something wrong with

crop what plants provide

cross to go across

crowd a large number of people together

crush to press with violence

cry to make a sound that shows pain, fear

culture feelings, thoughts, tastes of a society

cup a small, open container with a handle for drinking

demonstrate to establish that something is correct or true

denounce to speak out against

deny to declare untrue

departure the act of going away

depend to count on, as for support

deploy to spread out

depression the state of being sad

describe to tell about

desert* a dry area without trees

design a drawing plan

desire to wish strongly for

destroy to ruin

detail an individual part of a whole

develop to bring, grow to a more complete state

device machine or thing used for a definite purpose

die to stop living

diet a choice of food

differ to be different

difficult hard to do or to understand

dig to make a hole in the ground

dinner a main meal in the evening

diplomat a person representing a party/nation to another party/nation

direct 1° to set a line of action 2° to send (someone or something)

dirt dust, earth, anything of this nature

disappear to pass out of existence or not to be seen any longer

discover to arrive at through search and study

discuss to talk over

disease illness

disk a round, thin, flat object

dismiss to send away

dispute to argue

distance separation in space or time

divide separate into parts

do 1° to carry out, to perform 2° used as an auxiliary for verbs

doctor a person qualified to treat diseases

document a paper with information on it

dog a common animal

door for closing up an opening in a building or a room

doubt not to believe

down to a lower position

drain a pipe for carrying water or other liquid

draw to pull

dream a series of pictures or ideas in the mind during sleep

dress a piece of clothing for women or girls

drink to take in liquids

drive to operate a vehicle

drop 1°a small, rounded body of liquid 2° to let something fall down

drug a medicine

dry free from liquid

during through the period

dust fine dry earth, any fine powder

duty the thing that a person has to do

each every single one considered individually

ear body part for hearing and balance

early near the beginning

earn to gain as a result for one's labor

earth the globe on which we live, the soft material on which plants grow

east opposite to west, the region where the sun rises in the morning

easy not difficult to do

eat take food into the mouth and swallow it

edge the limit of a surface

education a development by training, study or experience

effect whatever is produced by a cause

effort the use of physical or mental energy

egg given by birds, also used as a food

either one or the other

elastic having the quality of springing back

electricity a flow of electrons

element a small material quantity of something

else other than what is under consideration

embassy a diplomatic building in a foreign country

emergency something sudden and unexpected demanding immediate action

emotion a strong feeling

employ to put into service

empty containing nothing

end bring to a halt

enemy a person or group that hates and fights another

enforce to make sure the law is observed

engine a machine that can start others moving

enjoy to experience a feeling of pleasure

enough as much or as many as needed

enter to come or go into

entertain to hold the attention of

environment all the surrounding conditions that affect a living thing

equal to be identical

equate to consider as identical

equipment instrument(s) needed to perform a service

erase to remove

escape to run away from a danger or a prison

especially in a special way

establish to set up permanently

estimate a rough amount

ethnic of a given race or social group

evaporate to change a liquid into a gas

even 1° flat, smooth surface 2° at the same level

event a happening

ever at any time

every each and all

evidence data on which a proof can be based

evil morally wrong, bad

exact complete agreement with reality

example a representative of one group

except not included

exchange to give to, and receive from one another

excuse to forgive, give a reason

execute to carry out, to perform

exercise systematic training

exist to be or live

exit the act of going out

expand to extend in one or more directions

expect to consider something as probable

expense money spent

experience the quantity of knowledge or skill that results from direct activity

experiment a test to find out something

expert a person highly knowledgeable

explain to make clear, to make plain

explode to burst or cause to burst suddenly and violently

explore to go or travel for the purpose of finding out about

export* to sell out of one country for use in another

express to put into words

extend to stretch out

extra added to a regular quantity

extreme of the greatest possible degree or intensity

eye body part by which we see

face the front part of the head

fact an event known to have happened or something known to have existed

factory a building in which goods are manufactured

fail an action that does not reach success

fair free from self-interest

fall to drop from a higher position

false not true

family mother, father, and their children

famous widely known and valued

far at a great distance

fast acting or moving quickly

fat oily substance formed in the bodies of living creatures

father a male parent

fear being afraid

feather covering of the birds

feature structure, appearance, form of someone or something

feed to give food

feel to touch, to experience an emotion

female a woman or girl, or the equivalent in animals

fertile able to reproduce

few not many, a rather small number

field a piece of land, an area

fierce marked by extreme and violent energy

fight an intense dispute

figure a number or a written thing other than a letter

file a place for keeping papers in order

fill put into until there is room for no more

film motion picture

final at the end of a process

finance the management of money

find discover the existence, presence or fact

fine satisfactory

finger one of the five end members of the hand

finish to bring to an end, to complete a job

fire 1° to shoot with a firearm 2° to lay off an employee

firm 1° not soft, resisting pressure 2° company, business

first coming before all others

fish a water animal

fist the hand closed firmly

fit to suit

fix to repair

flag a piece of cloth used as a symbol of an organization

flat 1°a series of rooms in an apartment house 2°an even smooth surface

float to be suspended on water, in space

floor the inside lower surface of a room

flow to move in or as if in a liquid

flower the brightly-colored part of plant

fluid a substance that flows easily

fly move through the air with wings

fog a cloud of fine drops of water above the earth's surface which limits what one can see

fold to bend or lay so that one part covers the other

follow to come or go after

food material taken to keep up life and growth

fool a person without sense

foot the end part of the leg

for 1°in place of, representing…etc. 2° during

forbid to order not to do something

force to press someone or something to do something

foreign having to do with other countries

forest large area of land covered with trees

forget to be unable to remember

forgive to excuse for an offense

form 1° the shape of a body 2° a printed document with spaces in which to write

former the first of two

forward in the direction of a position ahead

frame a supporting structure over which something is built

free able to act at will

freeze to turn into ice

fresh new, not old

friend a person one likes

frighten to cause fear

from a lower limit, a cause...

front the forward part of a thing or of a living creature

fruit the usual product of plants, the result of an effort

fuel anything burned to provide heat or energy

full containing as much or as many as is possible

fun pleasant activity

future the time yet to come

gain to win something through one's efforts

gallon 3.785 litres (US) / 4.545 litres (UK)

game a sport or pastime

gang a group of people acting or going around together

garden land used for growing vegetables or flowers

gas any fluid substance that can expand without limit

gather to bring or come together

general concerning all

gentle kind, soft, pleasant

get 1° to find, to buy 2° to become 3° to move

gift something given

girl a female child or young woman

give to pass a possession to somebody without money

glass mineral material that one can see through

global of the earth as a whole

go move along

goal a purpose

god He who created everything

gold a yellow and very dear metal

good having the right qualities

govern to exercise authority on

grass small green plants with narrow leaves

gray (grey) the color made by mixing black and white

great extremely large in size or number or extent

green the color of most plants and leaves

ground the solid material of the earth's surface

group a number of individuals or things with similarities

grow to increase in size

guarantee to admit responsibility

guard 1° a person who keeps watch 2° a device designed to prevent injury

guess to form an opinion without really knowing

guide a person or thing that shows the way

guilty responsible for or having done an act against the law

gun a weapon with a metal tube to shoot bullets

guy a familiar term for a youth or a man

hair growing from the skin of humans and animals

half one of two equal parts

halt a stop of movement

hand the end part of the arm

hang be suspended

happen to take place

happy enjoying pleasure or good luck

hard strong, resisting weight or pressure

harm damage, injury, to hurt another person

hat a covering for the head

hate a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action

have to possess, to hold

he third person male pronoun

head 1° the top part of the human body 2 °to start to one direction

heal to bring back to health

health general condition of body and mind

hear to understand with the ears

heart the part of the body which moves the blood through the body

heat the quality or state of being hot

heavy having great weight

help assistance or support to someone

her a form of "she"

here the present location

hide to place where it can't be seen

high far above the ground

hijack to seize control of a vehicle

hill a very small mountain

him a form of "he"

hire to employ someone for work

his belonging to him

history a record of past events

hit a physical contact of one thing with another

hold to have possession, or ownership, to keep

hole an opening into or through something

holiday a day on which work is suspended by law or custom

hollow an empty space inside something

holy belonging to or coming from God

home the place where one lives

honest of one who respects the laws and does not rob others

hope expectation that what one desires will happen

horrible an intense feeling of fear, terror

horse a large animal for riding or carrying loads

hospital organization providing treatment for the sick and injured

hostage a person held to make sure that another party will meet demanded terms

hostile very unfriendly

hot opposite of “cold”

hour a unit of time measuring 60 minutes

house four walls and a roof for a family to live in

how in what way

however despite anything else

huge unusually large

human relating to a person

humor the quality of seeing the funny side of things

hunger a strong desire or need for food

hunt to catch or kill animals for food or sport

hurry to move or cause to move with speed

hurt cause pain, or damage

husband a married man

I pronoun used for the speaker

ice frozen water

idea a thought

identify to establish the identity of

if used to express a condition

ill not well, having some disease

imagine to picture in one's head

import* to bring in from a foreign country

important meaning much

improve to make or become better

in to or toward the inside of

inch a unit of length

incident a single event

include to consider as part of something

increase* to make or become greater

independent free from any control

indicate to point out

individual a single thing or person

industry the manufacturing of goods

infect to communicate a disease to

influence a power affecting a person or events

inform to give knowledge, or facts or news

inject to force a fluid into

injure to hurt

innocent free from wrong doing

insane person with mental disorder

insect a very small animal with six legs

inspect to look over carefully

instead in place of someone or something

insult* an offensive remark

insurance protection against future damage or loss

intelligence 1° the ability to get and use knowledge 2° secret information

intense being of a very high degree

interest a feeling of wanting to know

interfere to come between so as to be in the way

international between or among nations

into motion to a point within something

invade to enter by force in order to get by fighting

invent to make for the first time ever

invest to buy something that is expected to produce a profit

investigate to search into carefully

invite to ask to come to some place

involve to carry out an activity; be involved in it as a member of a team

iron a grey metallic element

island a piece of land surrounded by water

issue a point of discussion

it the thing named

item a single unit

jacket piece of clothing for the upper part of the body

jail a prison

jewel a valuable stone

job work

join to put together

joint a point at which two things are joined

joke a fun story

joy a strong feeling of pleasure

judge public official who decides cases in a court of law

jump to move forward by a long and high step

jury a group of persons chosen to judge

just honorable and fair

keep to continue a certain state, condition, or activity

key an instrument that locks and unlocks

kick to strike out with the foot

kid a child

kill to put to death

kind showing a helpful and considerate nature

king the male ruler of a nation

kiss to touch with the lips as an expression of love or kindness

kit a set of materials

kitchen a room in which food is cooked

knife a cutting blade with a handle

know to have information about

labor the effort in doing something, work

laboratory a place for scientific research or equipment

lack to have less than enough

lake a large body of fresh water surrounded by land

land the solid part of the earth's surface

language human speech to communicate with sounds

large of more than the usual size, number, quantity

last 1° to continue to live 2° coming after all others

late coming after the expected time

laugh to make sounds showing happiness

law a country's body of rules

lay to place in a position of rest

lead to take somebody to some place

leak an accidental hole that lets a fluid out

learn to gain knowledge

least what is less important than anything else

leave to go away

left side that is toward the west when main side faces north

leg a member used to support the body

legal based upon law

lend to let another have or use for a time

length the measure of something along its greatest extent

less not as great in amount or degree

let to allow

letter a sign that represent speech sound, a piece of mail

level position

lie a statement that is not true

lie to be in a position that is parallel to the ground

life the condition of living or the state of being alive

lift to raise in a higher position

light that by which we see

like to find pleasant or agreeable

limit the point or line where something ends

line a long narrow mark

link one element of a chain

lip either of the two edges of the mouth

liquid a substance that flows freely like water

list a written list of things

listen to make an effort to hear something

little small in size, opposite of much

live to have life, to exist,

load to fill or place a load on

loan the act of lending

local a limited place

locate to find the position of

lock to keep from being entered into or taken out or away

log a section of tree as it comes from the tree

lone feeling oneself alone

long measuring much

look to use one's eyes to see, physical appearance

loose not attached

lose to be unable to keep

lot a large number or amount

loud intensity of sound

love great attachment

low not high or tall

luck chance

mail things and messages sent by post or internet

main most important

major of greater importance

make to execute, to do

male a man or a boy

man an adult person who is male

manufacture make by hand or by machine

many in great number

map a written picture of an area of the earth

march to walk as soldiers

mark a sign made on an object

market a place for people for buying and selling

marry to join as a husband and wife

master person having control over others

match 1° a competition 2° a thin piece to light a fire

material substance used to make up an object

matter 1° substance 2° subject of action or concern

may 1° to allow 2° make something possible 3°in relation to something which could possibly happen

mayor the person at the head of a city, town, village

me a form of "I"

meal food served in one sitting

mean express, average (adj), to have a sense

measure to find out the size, the quantity, etc. ...

meat animal parts used as food

media a means for communicating

meet to come face to face

member one of the persons or things that make up a group

memory the store of things one can remember

mental having to do with the mind

mercy more kindness than justice requires

message a communication from one person to another

metal a substance that is hard and usually shiny

method a way of doing something

middle in the center

might possibility, power, to express a wish or a permission

mile a unit for measuring distance

military having to do with soldiers

milk a white liquid produced by female animals

mind 1° the seat of reason 2° to pay close attention to

mine belonging to me, 1°a hole in the earth 2° a bomb

minister a person taking part in the charge of a government

minor lesser in amount, size, or importance

miscellaneous formed of different things or parts

miss to fail to hit

mistake something done that is not correct or exact

mix to put together

mob a large number of people, a crowd

model 1° a small copy 2° an example to be followed

moderate not extreme

modern of the present time or times

money the most common means of exchange

month one of the 12 parts of the year

moon the natural satellite of the earth

moral as per common ideas of right or wrong

more greater in number

morning early part of the day ending at noon

most greatest in quantity, amount, measure, degree

mother a female parent who has given birth to a child

motion the condition of moving

mountain very high hill

mouth the opening in the human face through which food is taken

move to change position

much in great quantity

murder killing of a human being by another

muscle body parts that produce movement

music an organization of sounds

must to have to

my belonging to me

mystery anything that is unexplained or secret

nail 1° a thin pointed piece of metal 2° hard plate on back side of fingers

name a word to call someone or something

narrow of small or limited extent from one side to the other

nation community of people occupying a defined territory

native a person born in a certain place or country

navy all the ships of war of a country

near opposite of far

necessary that must be

neck body part that connects the head with the rest of the body

need a state in which something is necessary

neighbor one living near another

neither not either

nerve channels which connect different parts of the body for orders or information

neutral not taking part in

never not ever

new not old

news new information of any kind

next following at once, nearest

nice pleasing

night the period between evening and morning

no opposite of "yes"

noise loud sound

noon twelve o'clock in the day

normal of the usual type

north direction to the right as one faces the setting sun

nose the part of the head just above the mouth for smelling

not to express the opposite for a word or a group of words

note a short written document

nothing a zero quantity

notice to discover the existence, presence or fact

now at the present time

nowhere in no place, at no place

number a quantity of units

obey to do what one is ordered

object anything that can be seen or touched

observe to watch attentively

occupy to be busy, to live in

occur to take place

of forming a part of

off 1° at a distance in space or time 2° not in operation

offensive giving offense

offer to present for acceptation, to suggest

office a place of business

officer any person in the armed services

often frequently

oil 1° a thick liquid used as fuels 2° a mineral

old having existed long

on 1° on top of 2° in operation

once one time

only one and no more

open 1° opposite of “close” 2° not shut or closed

operate to work

opinion a judgment not backed by proof

opportunity a possibility to seize

opposite place face to face or back to back

oppress to keep down unjustly

or used to give another choice

order a command

organize to form as a structured whole

other the remaining one

ounce a unit of weight

our belonging to us

ours belonging to us (pronoun)

oust to remove from a position or office

out away from inside

over above in place or position

owe to be in debt to

own of or belonging to

page each thin piece of paper of a book

pain an unpleasant feeling in the body

paint liquid that can be put on a surface to dry as a coating

pan open container for holding liquids, for cooking, etc..

pants a piece of clothing for the lower body

paper a material used mainly for writing

parade a group moving along in an orderly way

parcel a box with things in it

parent father or mother

parliament lawmaking body of a country

part something less than the whole

party a group of people doing something together

pass 1° to travel past 2° to go through a test

passenger a person travelling in a ship, train, airplane, etc..

past the time that is behind us

paste something that will stick papers together

path a track made by people or animals walking

patient a person who requires medical care

pattern an order of shapes, lines, colors, etc..

pay to give what is due

peace no war

pen instrument for writing with a liquid

pencil instrument for writing - dry

people a body of persons of the same country

percent the one hundredth part of something

perfect without mistake

perform to do, to carry out

perhaps possibly

period between two points in time

permanent fixed and lasting

permit to allow to do something

person a human being

physical of the body

pick to select from a group

picture a print of something on a flat surface taken by a camera

piece one of the parts of a thing

pig animal raised for food

pilot a person trained to operate a plane

pint a unit for measuring liquids

pipe a tube through which a liquid or gas flows

place a part of space

plain simple, pure, evident to the mind

plan a scale drawing of a structure

plane an airplane

plant 1° any living thing that is not an animal 2° a factory

plastic that can be shaped or formed

plate from which food is eaten

play to have fun

please to give pleasure to

plenty a full supply

pocket a small flat bag fixed into or onto pants or clothing

point a geometric element where two lines are crossing

poison a substance that is very dangerous to health

policy a plan of action

politics the science of government

pollute to make physically unclean

poor having little money

popular widely liked

port town where ships and boats can take shelter from storms

position a place where a thing or person is

possess to have or own

possible that can happen or exist

postpone to delay until a future time

potato eaten as cooked vegetable

pound 1° the basic unit of money of the UK 2° a unit of weight

pour to flow or cause to flow

powder a solid reduced to dust

power force

practice to work on over and over to learn a skill

praise the act of saying that a thing or person is good

pray to speak to God

pregnant carrying a developing baby

present 1° period of time between past and future 2° a gift

press 1° to act upon through continuous strength 2° the publishing of news in all forms

pretty nice-looking or pleasing

prevent to keep from happening

price money asked or given for something

print to reproduce things on paper

prison a public building in which criminals are kept

private belonging to one person or persons

prize a reward won in a competition

problem a hard question

process a set of actions in a special order

product a thing that is manufactured

professor a teacher of the highest level in a university

profit the return on a business undertaking

program a listing of events for a public presentation

progress* movement toward a goal

project* a plan

property any thing or things owned

propose to suggest

protect to keep from being hurt

protest a statement that objects strongly

prove to provide evidence for

provide to supply

public of the community or the people

publish to prepare and issue for the public

pull to move by drawing something toward oneself

punish to cause discomfort to a person because of some offense

purchase to buy

pure not mixed with anything else

purpose goal, aim

push to move away by pressing against it

put to cause to be in some place

quality a high and desirable level in a given thing or person

quart a unit of liquid

quarter one of four equal parts

queen a female ruler of a country, a king's wife

question something asked

quick fast

quiet silent, peaceful

quit put an end to an activity or a state

quite completely

race a competition of speed

radiation the act of spreading out from a center

raid a surprise attack

rail a metal bar

rain water falling in drops from the clouds

raise cause to rise

range the act of spreading out from a center

rare not often to be found

rate a quantity, amount in relation to something else

rather somewhat

ray a group of parallel lines of radiation

reach to get to, to come to

react to act in return to

read to understand something that is written

ready set for immediate action

real true, having happened in fact

reason the cause for an action

receive to take or get

recognize to identify from past experience

record* 1° written account 2° set down in permanent form

recover 1° to get back 2° to find a former condition

red the color of blood

reduce to make less

refugee a person who leaves his country in time of war

refuse* not accept

regret to feel disappointed about

regular fixed by rule, usual, normal

reject to refuse to take

relation connections between people

release to let go, to let loose

remain to continue in a place, stay

remember to bring back to the mind

remove to move from one place to another

repair to fix

repeat to do or make again

report an account of facts

represent to stand for

request express the need or desire for

require to demand

rescue to save from danger

research a careful hunting for facts or truth

resign to give up

resist to work against

resolution an action decided upon

resource any supply that will meet a need

respect to honor

responsible involving the ability to act on one's own

rest to stop acting when tired

restrain to control

result to exist as an end

retire to withdraw from working life

return to go or come back

revolt to fight against a leader

reward a return made for something done

rice food grown throughout the world

rich possessing great wealth

ride to sit and travel on the back of an animal

right 1° correct 2° opposite of left

ring 1° a circle 2° to sound loudly

riot a wild, violent public action

rise to move up

risk the possibility of loss or danger

river large stream of water that flows into an ocean, a lake, etc..

road an open way for vehicles

rob to steal from

rock a hard part of natural matter

rocket a device projected into space

roll turning over and over

roof the top covering of a building

room a part of a house

root part of a plant that grows into the ground

rope a strong thick line

rough not smooth

round shaped like a ball

row a line of people or things

rub to move one thing back and forth against another

rubber an elastic material made from the blood of a special tree

ruin total destruction

rule governing power

run to move the legs quickly

sad opposite of “happy”

safe free from danger

sail a piece of cloth spread to the wind to make a ship move

salt white substance added to food for taste

same not another

sand very small loose pieces of rock

satisfy meet a want or need

save to rescue from danger

say to speak

scale the relation between the real size of something and its size on a map

scare to frighten

school a place for teaching and learning

science knowledge of general facts

score a number or letter marking quality

script something written by hand

sea a large body of salt water

search to check in hopes of finding something

season one of the four periods of the year

seat a surface or place for sitting

second 1° a unit of time 2° one next after the first

secret kept from being generally known

section a part, a division

security freedom from danger

see to use the eyes to look

seed the thing from which a flower or vegetable grows

seek to try to find

seem to appear to be

seize to take hold of suddenly

seldom not often to be found

self one's own person

sell to exchange for money

senate a lawmaking body of the government

send cause to go to some other place

sense of the following: hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, seeing

sentence a group of words with a subject and a verb

separate be between, keep apart

series a number of similar things one after another

serious concerned with important matters rather than play

serve to work for

set to put in some place

settle to choose a house and become established

several being more than two or three but not many

severe very serious

sex either of the two divisions: male or female

shade a partly dark place, not in the sun

shake to move quickly backwards and forwards, up and down

shall auxiliary, to show duty or express a command

shame a feeling of having done something wrong

shape the form of a thing

share a part of anything owned with others

sharp having a cutting edge

she third person female pronoun

sheet a thin piece of anything like paper

shelf a flat piece of wood or metal to hold things such as books

shell a hard outside covering of an animal or fruit

shelter something that covers or protects from weather, danger

shine to send out light

ship 1° a very big boat 2° to send

shirt piece of clothing for the upper body

shock a sudden, violent shake, blow or crash

shoe covering of a person's foot

shoot to hit with a bullet

shop a place where one buys goods

short not long, small from end to end

should past tense of "shall"

shout to make an extremely loud sound with the mouth

show to cause to be seen

shrink to become smaller

shut to close, closed

sick in poor health, having some disease

side either the left or right half of a body

sign to mark with one's name

signal any mark used to mean or represent something

silence no sound at all

silk fine soft material used to make clothing

silver a white metal valued for jewelry

similar alike though not identical

simple easy to do or understand

since 1° from then until now 2° because

sing to produce music with the voice

single one only

sister a female having the same parents as another

sit to rest on the lower backside

situation a place

size the amount of surface or space a thing takes up

skill ability gained by practicing

skin the covering of the body

skirt a piece of clothing that covers the low part of the body

sky the space high above the earth

slave a person who is the property of another

sleep a natural state of rest

slide to move slowly along a surface while touching

slip to slide

slow not moving quickly

small little

smart intelligent

smash to break into pieces

smell what the nose does

smile to look pleased

smoke part of gases that one can see when anything burns

smooth having an even surface

snack a light meal

snake a long animal with no legs

sneeze to force out breath in an uncontrolled action

snow drops of frozen water falling to earth in winter

so to such a degree

soap a substance to help clean or wash

social living in groups, of human society

society the totality of human relationships

soft opposite of “hard”

soil earth, ground

soldier a person who serves in an army

solid not a liquid or a gas

solve to find an answer

some a certain quantity

son a male child in relation to his parents

song a short music with words

soon in a short time

sorry feeling regret, sadness

sort a kind, a class

soul the part of the body which survives a person

sound what can be heard

south the direction to the left when facing the sunset

space the area in which all things exist

speak to give an understandable message

special of a given kind

speech communication by word of mouth

speed distance travelled in a given time

spell to write or say the letters of a word

spend 1° to pay out 2° to pass the time

spirit the emotional nature of the human being

spot an exact point

spread cover or cause to cover a large area

spring season between winter and summer

spy a person who keeps secret watch on the actions of others

square a form with four equal sides and right angles

stage a period in a series of events

stairs a series of steps for going from one level to another

stamp a small piece of paper to put on letters as payment

stand a person in an upright position

star a space body one can see at night

start to get in motion

starve to die because of hunger

state 1° the condition of a person or thing 2° a nation

station a place equipped with special equipment for a given purpose

status condition, state

stay to continue to be as before

steal to take without the owner's permission

steam gas into which water is changed when heated

steel a hard mix of iron and other metal

step a single movement of the foot in walking

stick a long piece of wood

still quiet

stomach a large structure inside the body to process food

stone solid mineral matter

stop to keep from moving

store a place where goods can be bought

storm strong winds with rain or snow

story an account of some happening

straight direct

strange not familiar, unusual

stream a natural body of running water

street a public road in a city

stretch to make longer by pulling

strike 1°to hit against 2° to stop work

string a thin line of winded light material

strong having much force or power

structure organization

struggle to fight

study to give careful consideration to

stupid not intelligent

subject under the power of another

substance matter

substitute a person or thing taking the place of another

succeed to achieve an event that reaches its purpose

such of that kind

sudden without warning

suffer to feel pain

sugar a sweet substance

suggest to propose

suit a set of clothes to be worn together

summer the warmest of the four seasons in the North half of the Earth

sun the central star of our system

supervise to watch and direct, to monitor

supply to provide

support to hold up or in position

suppose consider as a possibility

suppress to hold back, to take out

sure certain

surface the outside of anything

surprise an unexpected thing

surround come or be all around

survive to remain alive or in existence

suspect to mistrust, one who is mistrusted

suspend to remove for a period

swallow to pass food from the mouth to the stomach

swear to give one's word before a judge

sweet having a taste like sugar

swim to move through the water like a fish

symbol something that represents something else

sympathy a sharing of another's trouble

system a group of items which are part of a whole

table piece of furniture with flat top on legs

tail a thin part extending from the back of animals

take 1° to get possession of 2° to transport

talk to speak

tall higher than the average

target a mark for shooting

task work to be done

taste the feeling produced by the mouth when eating

tax money given by people for the support of government

tea a drink made from tea leaves

teach to communicate skills or knowledge to young people

team a group of players in a game

tear drops of clear liquid produced by the eyes

tear to pull apart

tell to express in words

term a limited or fixed period of time

terrible causing fear or terror

territory land

terror a huge feeling of fear

test a means to prove something

than compare to that which

thank to express and show pleasure after receiving a present or help

that which

the definite article

theater a place for acting performances

their belonging to them (adjective)

theirs belonging to them (pronoun)

them objective form of "they"

then at that time in the past or future

theory an explanation based on thought

there away from the speaker

these plural of this

they people in general

thick not thin

thin having a short distance between opposite sides

thing any object or substance

think to form in the mind

third the number three in a series

this points to a person or a thing

those plural of “that”

though in spite of the fact that

thought the content of the mind

threaten say what will be done to hurt

through from end to end

throw send through the air by a movement of the arm

thus in this

tie to attach with something

tight held firmly

time 1° a period 2° the time given by a clock

tin a container

tiny extremely small

tire what a very hard work or sport does to a person who has then difficulties to do more

title a name given to a book, a painting

to in the direction of

today the present day

together in company

tomorrow the day after today

tone any sound considered with respect to its quality

tongue moving body part in the mouth

tonight on the present night

too 1° also 2° a quantity larger than needed

tool a hand instrument

tooth one of the hard parts in the mouth for biting

top the highest point or part

total whole

touch to cause a part of the body to physically feel something

toward in the direction of

town a population center smaller than a city

track a mark left by feet or vehicles

trade 1° an occupation 2° business of buying and selling

tradition customs handed down from parents to children

traffic the amount of vehicles on roads

train 1° connected line of railway cars 2° exercising

transport* to carry from one place to another

travel to go from one place to another

treason betraying one's country

treasure valuable things

treat to act toward, to handle

treaty a formal agreement between two or more states

tree a tall plant with big branches

trial the act of testing and trying

tribe a social organization or division

trick something done to lead someone in the wrong direction

trip a traveling experience

troop a group of people, soldiers

trouble worry or difficulty

truck a vehicle to transport loads

true not false, agreeing with the facts

trust quality of a person who respects the laws

try to test

tube a round container

turn the act of changing direction

twice two times

tire a round rubber covering for a wheel

under to a lower place or side

understand to know, get the meaning of

unit a thing, group, person as part of a whole

universe the whole world

unless if not, if it were not that

until up to the time of

up toward a higher position

upon on

urge a very strong desire

us form of "we"

use to put into action

valley low land between hills or mountains

value worth, importance

vary be subject to change

vegetable a plant grown to be eaten

vehicle a machine to carry passengers or goods on land

version a description from a personal point of view

very extremely

veto the right or power to forbid or reject

vicious mean, marked by vice

victim one affected or killed by accident, disease

victory the total defeat of an enemy

view the act of seeing something

violence rough force in action

visit to go to see for business or pleasure

voice a sound produced by humans

volume 1° the amount of a space 2° a sound level

vote a formal expression of choice

wage pay

wait to do nothing until something happens

walk to go on foot

wall an up and down structure of a building

want to desire

war open fighting carried out by armies between nations

warm more hot than cold

warn to signal of a possible danger

wash to clean with water or other liquid

waste to spend without need

watch 1° to look carefully 2° small clock

water a clear liquid necessary for life

wave 1° a “hill" of water that moves across the surface of a liquid 2°signal with movement of the hand

way a line leading from one place to another

we plural of "I"(you and me)

weak lacking power

wealth much money or property

weapon an instrument used in wars

wear to have on the body as clothing

weather the condition of the atmosphere

week a period of seven days

weight to measure the weight

welcome to receive in a friendly way

well satisfactorily

west the direction of the sunset, opposite to east

wet covered with a liquid

what which thing, which one

wheat the substance with which you make bread

wheel a solid disk that turns, a car rests on four such disks

when at what time

where at what place

whether if it is so that

which pronoun used in asking about one person in a group

while 1° at the same time that 2° a period of time

white the color of snow or salt

who used to ask the name of a person

whole complete

why for what cause

wide opposite of narrow, filling much space from end to end

wife a married woman

wild living in the forest

will used for the future.

win finish first in a race

wind air in motion

window a wall opening that admits light or air

wine a drink coming from a fruit with spirit in it, can make you drunk

wing the part of a bird used in flying

winter the coldest of the four seasons in the North part of the Earth

wire metal drawn out into a thin line

wise having knowledge and good judgment

wish to want

with in the company of

withdraw draw back

without not having

woman an adult female

wonder to have a wish or desire to know something

wood the hard substance of a tree

wool made from the hair of some animals

word an independent unit of language

work all forms of human activity towards a given result

world the earth

worry to feel uneasy

worse more bad

worth value or importance

wound an injury

wreck 1° a person without physical or mental health 2° a machine totally out of order

write communicate by marking letters on a surface

wrong not right, bad

yard 1° a unit of length (=3 feet) 2° a piece of land enclosed for a special activity

year 12 months or 365 days

yellow the color of gold

yes expresses agreement

yesterday the day before today

yet up to the present time

you the person one is speaking to

young in an early period of life