8 Modules Teacher Training


1. Real (not fake) Apprentice Method

History of learning before academia took over.

2. Like a baby (natural) 95% understand then respond (exposure over a year)

Babies soak it in and so should we.

3. No rules (like grammar)

Rules get in the way of learning. Rules should only be learned after learning.

4. Phrases not words (always in context)

If you learn a word out of context it is hard to unlearn it.

5. Deep Learning

Do not take tests. Only move on when you know something deeply. Slow not fast.

6. Point of View (substitution drills)

Teaches you language structure which is key to fluency

7. Understand then answer

Keep asking and asking until you are totally clear. Answer in your own words.

8. Business structure to make money with free / public domain material

First rule is to always charge in advance. Timeslot paid for in full.

Second rule is to charge for your services they could do on their own.

Third rule is display your (nonacademic) credentials. Value your experience.


Academia is accreditation by unknown sources in a mysterious land.