Learn These Words First (10A)

10-01. thousand, thousand of.

[There are one thousand things here.] = You can think about the number of things here like this: There are ten groups of things here, and each group contains one hundred things.

[I read something that someone wrote one thousand years before now.]

10-02. boat, boats.

[X is a boat.] = X is something people make to carry people and things in places where there is much water. X can move for a long time, touching the top surface of the water all this time.

[I was inside a boat far from dry ground.]

10-03. rub, rubs, to rub, rubbing, rubbed.

[J rubs K.] = For some time, part of J is touching and pressing K. At the same time, this part of J is moving, causing it to touch many different parts of the surface of K.

[I used my hand to rub my leg, because my leg hurt after something hit it.]

10-04. metre, (meter), metres, (meters).

[X is one metre.] = X is a length. When you measure most people, the distance between the top of the head and bottom of the feet is more than X, but less than two of these lengths. Inside most countries, when people measure length and distance, they count the number of parts that are the length of X or groups of one thousand lengths of X.

[The length of this boat is five metres.]

This person is __________, trying to make it move a thousand metres.