Learn These Words First (10B)

10-05. show, shows, to show, showing, showed, shown.

[J showed me K.] = J caused me to see K and to know something about K because of this.

[I want to show you something I made.]

[These people know what to do because you showed them.]

10-06. laugh, laughs, to laugh, laughing, laughed.

[Something made you laugh.] = Something caused you to make sounds like this: You saw or heard something you did not expect, and for a short time you thought this could be bad for someone. But then you saw or heard or thought more, and you knew this was not something bad for someone and not bad for you. The moment you knew this, you felt good, and the sides of your mouth moved up towards your eyes, and you made some sounds breathing much air out several short times.

[I laughed when I saw my child move his arms and try to fly like a bird.]

10-07. wheel, wheels.

[X is a wheel.] = X is something that people make to be part of a machine. The shape of X is the same as the shape of a circle. There is a hole in the centre of X. People put another part of the machine through this hole, and X turns around it. People use several of these things to make vehicles that can carry people and things. The bottom parts of these circles touch the ground, and when they turn, the vehicle moves.

[When you push this heavy thing, it moves easily because it has four wheels connected to the bottom.]

10-08. zero, zero of.

[There are zero things here.] = You can think about the number of things here like this: There is not something here.

[Three people were inside the building, but all three moved out, and now the number of people inside the building is zero.]

Tony shows Lisa his vehicle.

His vehicle has __________.