Learn These Words First (10C)

10-09. business, businesses.

[X is a business.] = X is a person or a group of people. X tells people what kind of work they will do if people give them money. When X finds people who want this kind of work done, these people give X money and X does this work.

[These three men have a business making boats that people buy.]

10-10. hour, hours.

[X is one hour.] = X is a time that is part of a day. Four groups each containing six of this time is the same as one day.

[I worked ten hours, and then I slept eight hours.]

10-11. clay.

[X is some clay.] = X is something people can find that is part of the ground. People use X to make things, like this: When X and water are mixed, people can change the shape of it to make a shape that they want. After this, people put it inside a very hot place for some time. This causes it to become very dry and hard, and after this it does not change shape. People do this to make many kinds of things.

[Clay can be used to make containers that can contain food or liquids.]

[Some buildings are made using many hard square pieces of clay.]

10-12. explode, explodes, to explode, exploding, exploded.

[X explodes.] = Something like this happens: X is something inside a container. For a short time, X quickly becomes very much more hot and big. In a moment, the container cannot contain X because of this. This causes a loud sound, and small pieces of X and the container move from the centre very quickly. These pieces can move far and damage other things they hit.

[Some of these chemicals can explode if they become hot.]

Tony has a business making containers that people can buy.

He works several hours each day __________.