Learn These Words First (10D)

10-13. happy.

[You feel happy.] = You feel something good like this: You feel like when something good for you happens or like when you are doing something you enjoy. Because of this you feel good, and for some time you do not think about other things you want.

[The man and woman felt very happy the day they became married.]

10-14. angry.

[You feel angry.] = You feel something bad like this: Something happened that you do not want, and when you think about this, you feel something bad. Because of this you want to know who caused this to happen, and you want to hurt them or make them feel bad.

[I am angry because someone damaged my building and ate all my food.]

10-15. fear, fears, to fear, fearing, feared.

[You fear X.] = You feel like this: X is something you think can hurt you or can cause something very bad for you. You think maybe this will happen now or a short time after now. You do not want this bad thing to happen, but you cannot control it. You think about it very much, but thinking about it makes you feel something bad that you do not want to feel. You want to be in a different place where this bad thing cannot happen.

[I fear big animals.]

[This woman fears that her family will not have food to eat.]

10-16. radio, radios.

[X is a radio.] = When electricity moves in one place, it can cause something you cannot see or hear to move through the air and make electricity move in other places. People use this to control machines like this: X is a kind of machine that uses electricity to make sounds. In another place far from here, another machine uses sounds to control electricity. This can make electricity move inside X, and X uses this to control the sounds it makes. Because of this, you can use X to hear the same sounds as someone can hear in another place very far from here.

[I often use my radio to hear some music.]

[The government used the radio to tell people when soldiers were near.]

Lisa enjoys using her radio to hear music.

This makes her __________.