Learn These Words First (10E)

10-17. sad.

[You feel sad.] = You feel something bad like this: You know something bad happened, and you do not want things like this to happen. You want things to be good like you thought they could be before this bad thing happened. But you know there is not something you can do now to change this. You feel something bad because of this.

[The children were very sad when their parents died.]

10-18. careful, carefully.

[You do X carefully.] = When you do X, you think very much about what you are doing, because you do not want something bad to happen. You try very much to do X well and to prevent damaging something.

[I carefully carried water inside this container.]

[I was careful not to damage this machine.]

10-19. brown.

[X is brown.] = The colour of X is like the colour you see when you mix much red and much yellow and some black.

[The ground here is brown.]

10-20. love, loves, to love, loving, loved.

[You love X.] = X is someone or something. You want very much to be near to X for a long time. You feel very good when you see or think about X. You want things to happen that are good for X. You do not want things to happen that are bad for X. You want to do things that are good for X. When X thinks about you, you want X to feel the same.

[This man loves this woman and wants to marry her.]

[The man and woman love their children.]

Tony was not careful carrying these containers.

He __________ because one of the containers fell and became damaged.