Learn These Words First (10F)

10-21. tall.

[X is tall.] = You think like this about the distance between the top and bottom of X: The top of X is far above the bottom of X, compared with most other things like this.

[The animal moved up to the top of the tall tree where I could not see it.]

10-22. name, names, name of, names of.

[J is the name of K.] = K is one person or thing. J is one word or several words that someone chose to use when they think about K or say things about K. Now when someone says J, other people know they are saying something about K.

[I chose the names of my children.]

[My name is Tony.]

10-23. sit, sits, to sit, sitting, sat.

[You are sitting.] = You are in one place for some time, touching the surface below you like this: Parts of the back sides of your legs are touching the surface below you. These parts are near where your legs connect to the other parts of your body. Your head is above your legs and is not touching the surface below you.

[Most people sit when they are eating.]

Lisa and Tony are inside a building, and a tall woman moves into the building.

Lisa sees the woman and wants to know more about her.

Lisa says to the woman: "__________."