Learn These Words First (10G)

10-24. similar.

[J and K are similar.] = J is like K, and K is like J.

[My two children look different, but they want to eat similar kinds of food.]

10-25. multiply, multiplies, to multiply, multiplying, multiplied, multiply by, multiplies by, to multiply by, multiplying by, multiplied by.

[You multiply J and K.] = J and K are numbers, and you want to know this other number: If J is the number of groups, and K is the number of things inside each group, then you do something with the numbers J and K to know the number of things inside all of these groups.

[Three multiplied by two is six.]

10-26. alcohol.

[X is alcohol.] = X is a kind of chemical that is like this: People often press some fruit and cause the liquid inside the fruit to move into a container. After a long time, parts of this liquid become this kind of chemical. Some people enjoy drinking this chemical, and it causes them not to feel the same as before. For some time after people drink much of this chemical, they cannot do or think some things that they could before.

[You cannot use this big machine if you are drinking alcohol.]

[Drinking much alcohol can damage your body.]

10-27. fish, fishes.

[X is a fish.] = X is a kind of animal that is cold and has two eyes and does not have legs. These animals live in places where there is much water. They live and move below the top surface of the water. These animals will die if they are not inside water for a short time. There are many kinds of animals like this.

[Many people enjoy eating fish.]

There are three containers here.

There are three fish inside each container.

You know there are nine fish here, because __________.