Learn These Words First (10H)

10-28. grain.

[X is some grain.] = X is some seeds. These are seeds that people eat from several kinds of plants. Each day, most people eat food that is made using some of these kinds of seeds. People use these seeds to make food like this: Some people put these seeds into hot water for some time and then eat them. Some people use these seeds to make bread.

[I enjoy eating food that is made using grain.]

10-29. salt.

[X is some salt.] = X is a kind of chemical. When X is dry, it is solid and white. If you mix X into water, it becomes part of the liquid and you cannot see it. In many places, there is very much water containing X. People who want X can put this water inside a container and cause it to become hot. The water becomes gas and moves up out of the container, but X becomes dry and does not move out of the container. Then people can use X like this: People mix some X into their food, because most people enjoy some food more if it contains X.

[I put some salt into my food, but not much.]

10-30. fat.

[X is some fat.] = X is like this: X is something inside animal bodies near the surface. X is a yellow white solid part of the body that helps the animal not become cold quickly. People can eat X and can burn X. When you put X into water, it moves up to the top surface of the water. When X becomes hot, it becomes liquid.

[Food that contains much fat is less healthy to eat.]

10-31. coal.

[X is some coal.] = X is something solid and black that people can find far below the surface of the ground. People burn X to make the air inside a building less cold.

[I bought some pieces of coal to burn.]

This person is making some food using __________.