Learn These Words First (11B)

11-05. bone, bones.

[X is a bone.] = X is a hard white part inside the body of a person or animal. Many kinds of animals have more than a hundred hard white parts like X.

[I ate most parts of this animal, but I did not eat the bones.]

11-06. clean, cleans, to clean, cleaning, cleaned.

[You cleaned X.] = Some things were touching the surface of X. These were things you did not want on the surface, like small pieces of the ground or things that can cause disease. You moved these things, causing them not to be on the surface after this. Maybe you used water and rubbed X to move the things you did not want on the surface.

[I need to clean these containers before I put food inside.]

[X is clean.] = There are not things inside X or on the surface of X that you do not want here.

[After I worked inside a hole in the ground, my clothing was not clean.]

11-07. sheep.

[X is a sheep.] = X is a kind of animal that eats small green plants, wants to be near big groups of the same kind of animal, and has much long hair that people cut and use to make cloth.

[I see a group of white sheep near the big tree.]

Someone needs to clean this container.

There is a dead fish here.

You can __________ near the bottom of the container.