Learn These Words First (11C)

11-08. decide, decides, to decide, deciding, decided, decide if, decides if, to decide if, deciding if, decided if.

[You decide that X is true.] = You think about what you know like this: Maybe some of these things can cause you to know X is true, and maybe some of these things can cause you to know X is not true. After thinking for some time, because of what you know, you think this: X is true.

[I decided that what this person said was not true.]

[I cannot decide if I want to eat this or not.]

11-09. god, gods.

[X is a god.] = Many people think someone like this exists: X is someone good. X is not like people and does not have a body that dies. X existed before all other things existed. All other things exist because X caused them to exist.

[There is one god who wants to help people.]

[Some people think there are many gods.]

11-10. nose, noses.

[X is your nose.] = X is the part of your head below your eyes and above your mouth that you can breathe through. When you breathe air into X, you can feel it inside your head and know something about the things that the air moved near to a short time before you breathed it.

[When I breathe through my nose, I know what kind of hot food someone is making.]

11-11. win, wins, to win, winning, won.

[X wins something.] = X is a person or group that wants something. There are other people or groups that want the same thing, but not all can have it. The one who does something more than or before the others can have it. Each person or group tries to do this. X does this more than or before the others.

[Each person tried to win the game, but Tony won because he was quick.]

Lisa and Tony decide they will play a game. Looking at the sky, they each try to find ten birds. They count the number of birds they see.

If Lisa sees ten birds before Tony does, she will __________.