Learn These Words First (11D)

11-12. tube, tubes.

[X is a tube.] = X is something long that can contain liquids or gas. There is a hole in one end of X where things can move into X. There is a hole in the other end of X where things can move out of X. Things that move into one end of X can move through X and out of the other end of X. There are not other holes in X.

[Hot water moves through this tube, and cold water moves through the other tube.]

[Inside your body there are thin tubes that blood moves through.]

11-13. flower, flowers.

[X is a flower.] = X is a part of a plant. X grows in the place where seeds or fruit will grow. X is often beautiful and not the same colour as other parts of the plant. X exists for a short time, and after this, the seeds or fruit will grow in this same place.

[I bought a plant that has beautiful red flowers.]

11-14. blue.

[X is blue.] = The colour of X is like the colour of the sky at times when you can look up and see the sun and the sky.

[If you mix the colours blue and yellow, you make the colour green.]

Water moves from the tall container, through the long tube and to the ground near these plants. This will help the plants grow.

These plants have __________.