Learn These Words First (11F)

11-19. only.

[You have only X.] = You have X. You do not have others. You do not have more than X.

[I ate only two pieces of bread.]

[The man and woman have only one child.]

11-20. go, goes, to go, going, went, gone, go to, goes to, to go to, going to, went to.

[X goes to this place.] = X moves to this place from another place.

[The man went into a building, and now I cannot see him.]

[The children need to go to school.]

11-21. we, us.

[We do something.] = You and I do this, or some other people and I do this.

[We need to give food to the children.]

[Something happens to us.] = Something happens to you and me, or something happens to me and one or more other people.

[Tony says to Lisa: "If we make a loud sound, maybe someone inside the building will hear us."]

11-22. pay, pays, to pay, paying, paid.

[You pay X.] = You give money to X because X did some work you wanted them to do, or because X gave you something that you wanted to buy.

[I paid someone to clean this building.]

There were many fish inside this container before, but now there are only two.

We want to know __________.