Learn These Words First (11H)

11-27. take, takes, to take, taking, took, taken.

[You take X someplace.] = X was in one place, but then you carry X and cause X to move to another place.

[Someone took my money.]

[I am taking my children to see my parents.]

11-28. better, better than.

[J is better than K.] = J is good more than K.

[Doing things to help people is better than doing things to hurt people.]

11-29. own, owns, to own, owning, owned.

[You own X.] = X belongs to you because you bought it or made it or someone gave it to you.

[I own this building.]

11-30. which, which of.

[You decide which of these things you want.] = There are two or more things. From this group of things, you choose the things you want.

[Someone gave me three books, and I need to choose which one I want to read now.]

I am thinking about buying one of these machines.

I want to know __________.