Learn These Words First (12A)

12-01. doctor, doctors.

[X is a doctor.] = X is someone who learns much for a long time and knows what to do that can help people who have a disease or damaged body to make them become more healthy.

[After a machine cut my arm, a doctor cleaned my arm to help it become healthy and prevent disease.]

12-02. police.

[X is the police.] = X is a group of people that the government chooses to do this kind of work: This group tries to prevent people doing what the government rules do not allow. This group tries to find and stop people if they do something that the government rules do not allow.

[The police found the man who damaged my building and hurt my animals.]

12-03. law, laws.

[X is a law.] = X is a rule that the government makes.

[The law does not allow you to do things you know will cause people to die.]

My vehicle was here a short time before, but now it is not here.

Someone took my vehicle. The law does not allow this.

I need __________ to help me.