Learn These Words First (12C)

12-08. room, rooms.

[X is a room.] = X is one of several places inside a big building like this: People in one place inside the building cannot see into other places inside the building because there are solid parts of the building between these places.

[When I was reading inside my room, I heard people laughing inside another room.]

12-09. line, lines.

[X is a line.] = X is a long narrow mark.

[I drew two straight lines on the surface of this piece of paper, and I wrote my name between the lines.]

12-10. toilet, toilets.

[X is a toilet.] = X is a kind of container that people make and use like this: After you eat, food moves through your body. Your body does not use some parts of the food you eat, and these parts need to move out of your body. You can sit on top of this container and move these solid and liquid parts out of your body into this container.

[I need to use a toilet.]

12-11. floor, floors.

[X is the floor.] = X is the big surface people are on top of when they are inside part of a building.

[My feet are touching the floor.]

This picture has lines showing several rooms inside a building.

Someone can sleep inside one of the rooms. There is a toilet inside another room.

Inside the big room, people can __________.