Learn These Words First (12G)

12-24. dog, dogs.

[X is a dog.] = X is a kind of animal that has hair and four legs and eats other animals. This kind of animal is less big than most adult people, but can be more big than small children. Many people want to have these animals near or inside the buildings where people live. These animals can do things people tell them to do. If an animal or another person tries to hurt someone, these animals can often prevent this.

[The dog used its mouth to carry a bone.]

12-25. ear, ears.

[These are your ears.] = These are two parts of your body. You have one of these on each side of your head. You can hear because of these two body parts.

[You use your ears to hear.]

12-26. car, cars.

[X is a car.] = X is a vehicle that can carry several people inside. X has four wheels and a machine that causes it to move.

[Three people sit inside my car, and I make it move quickly to the school.]

12-27. house, houses.

[X is a house.] = X is a building where one family eats and sleeps. The same family uses this building for a long time.

[The young child and his two parents live inside a small yellow house.]

[There is a tall tree on one side of my house.]

You can add "-'s" after a noun to show what belongs to the noun, like this:

If an animal has eyes and ears, you can say: "I see the animal's eyes and the animal's ears."

If Tony has a dog and a car, you can say: "I see Tony's dog and __________."