Learn These Words First (1F)

1-20. kind, kinds, kind of, kinds of.

Tony sees some living things.

Two of these are the same kind of living thing.

One of these is not the same kind as the other two.

1-21. if, if this then.

There is one person inside this thing.

If Tony is not inside this thing, then another person is inside.

If Tony is inside this thing, then another person is not inside.

1-22. touch, touches, to touch, touching, touched, is touching.

Tony is touching something.

Lisa is touching Tony.

1-23. far, far from, is far from.

Tony is far from Lisa.

Lisa is far from Tony.

1-24. near, near to, is near to.

Tony is not far from Lisa.

Tony is near to Lisa.

Lisa is near to Tony.

Some living things are near to Lisa.

Two of these __________.