Learn These Words First (1H)

1-28. hear, hears, to hear, hearing, heard.

Tony hears something.

1-29. say, says, to say, saying, said, say to, says to, to say to, saying to, said to, say this to, say about, says about, to say about, saying about, said about, say this about.

Tony says something.

Tony says something to Lisa.

Tony says something about this living thing.

Tony says: "This living thing is small."

1-30. word, words.

Tony says some words.

Lisa says more words.

1-31. true, is true.

Tony says: "There are two people inside this thing."

Lisa says: "There is one person inside this thing."

What Tony says is not true.

What Lisa says is true.

Lisa is in the same place as Tony. Lisa sees some other people in another place. This other place is far from Lisa.

Lisa says: "There are some people in this other place. These people do not hear these words."

Lisa says __________.