Learn These Words First (2C)

2-07. think, thinks, to think, thinking, thought, think about, thinks about, to think about, thinking about, thought about, think this about.

Lisa thinks Tony is inside this thing.

Lisa thinks something about Tony.

2-08. know, knows, to know, knowing, knew, known, know about, knows about, to know about, knowing about, knew about, known about, know this about.

Tony knows Lisa is inside this thing, because Tony sees Lisa inside.

Tony knows something about Lisa.

2-09. want, wants, to want, wanting, wanted.

Tony wants this thing.

Tony wants to have this thing.

2-10. can, could.

Tony wants to do something.

Lisa wants to do the same thing.

Tony can do this.

This is not something Lisa can do.

[Lisa cannot do this.] = This is not something Lisa can do.

Tony sees Lisa. Tony knows Lisa has something, because Tony sees what Lisa has.

Tony __________ what Lisa has, because Tony want to have the same kind of thing.