Learn These Words First (2E)

2-14. time, times, at a time, at times, at this time, when.

Lisa says something at this time.

Tony is not in this place at this time.

2-15. before.

At one time, Tony does something to this thing.

At another time, Lisa says something.

Tony does something to this thing before Lisa says something.

2-16. a long time, for a long time, long time, long times, for this long time.

Lisa does something for a long time.

2-17. a short time, for a short time, short time, short times, for this short time.

Tony does something for a short time.

Tony does not do this for a long time.

2-18. move, moves, to move, moving, moved, move to, moves to, to move to, moving to, moved to, move this to.

Lisa sees something move.

Lisa moves near to this thing.

[X moved to this place.] = X is in this place because X moved. Before X moved, X was not in this place.

[Lisa moves to the same place as this thing.]

A short time before, Tony was far from Lisa.

At this time, Tony is near to Lisa.

Tony is near to Lisa __________.