Learn These Words First (2F)

2-19. I, me.

[Tony says: "I did X."] = Tony says something about Tony. Tony says: Tony did X.

[Tony says: "I see Lisa."]

[Lisa says: "X happened to me."] = Lisa says something about Lisa. Lisa says: X happened to Lisa.

[Lisa says: "Tony sees me."]

2-20. you.

[Tony says to Lisa: "I can see you."] = Tony says something about Lisa. Tony says this to Lisa. Tony says: Tony can see Lisa.

[I know you have something good.]

[I want you to do something good for me.]

2-21. here.

[Tony says: "X happens here."] = Tony is in a place. Tony says: X happens in this place.

[Many people were here at one time.]

2-22. now.

[Lisa says: "X happens now."] = Lisa says something at a time. Lisa says: X happens at this same time.

[There are not many people here now.]

Lisa says to Tony: "__________."