Learn These Words First (2G)

2-23. someone, who, whom.

[Someone does X.] = Something does X. This something can think like people think. This something can be one person.

[Someone said something to Tony.]

[J knows who did K.] = J thinks about someone. J knows this someone did K.

[Tony knows who said something.]

2-24. after.

[J happens after K happens.] = K happens before J happens.

[After you do something for a long time, you can know much more about this.]

2-25. for some time.

[X is true for some time.] = X is true at a time. Some parts of this one time happen before other parts. Some parts of this one time happen after other parts. X is true at all parts of this one time.

[After I moved for some time, I was near the other side of this place.]

2-26. moment, moments, in a moment, in this moment.

[X happens in a moment.] = X happens for one very short time. There are not parts of this very short time when one part happens before other parts.

[In a moment, I knew something here was not good.]

Tony is inside this thing for some time.

Lisa says: "I want to know who is inside this thing."

Tony hears Lisa. Because of this, Tony says: "I am inside."

Tony says this __________.