Learn These Words First (3A)

3-01. that.

[J happens to something that does K.] = J happens to something. This same something does K.

[Tony has something that Lisa wants.]

3-02. and.

[J is true, and K is true.] = These two things are true: J is true. K is true.

[Lisa sees Tony, and Tony sees Lisa.]

[J and K do X.] = These two things do X. J is one that does this. K is another that does this.

[Tony and Lisa want to see me.]

[I see Tony and Lisa.]

3-03. or.

[J is true, or K is true.] = If J is not true, then K is true.

[Tony saw me, or Lisa heard me.]

[J or K does this.] = If J does not do this, then K does this.

[Lisa or Tony said something.]

[This belongs to Tony or Lisa.]

3-04. it, they, them.

[It does something.] = This thing does something.

[I touched this thing, and it moved.]

[They do something.] = These things or people do something.

[Something happens to them.] = Something happens to these things or people.

Someone is on one side of this thing, and someone is on the other side of this thing.

Someone is inside this thing, __________ someone is above it.