Learn These Words First (3B)

3-05. its, their.

[This is its X.] = This X belongs to it.

[I saw this thing and touched some of its parts.]

[These things are their things.] = These things belong to them.

3-06. your.

[This is your X.] = This X belongs to you.

[You feel something touching your body.]

3-07. my.

[This is my X.] = This X belongs to me.

[I do not want you to touch my body.]

3-08. a, an.

[There is an X here.] = X is some kind of thing. There is one of this kind of thing here. This is not one that you said something about a short time before now.

[I did not know there was a person in this place.]

Lisa sees a living thing that is very big.

Lisa says: "I see one living thing. __________ is bigger than my body."