Learn These Words First (3C)

3-09. the.

[Something happens to the X.] = Something happens to X. This is the same X that someone said something about a short time before, or there is not another thing that is the same kind as X.

[I saw two people here before, and now I do not see the people.]

3-10. animal, animals.

[X is an animal.] = There are many kinds of living things that can feel and can move when they want. X is one of these.

[The animal moved when someone touched its body.]

3-11. cause, causes, to cause, causing, caused.

[J causes K to happen.] = K happens because J happens or because J does something.

[Someone bad caused these people to die.]

3-12. but.

[J is true, but K is not true.] = You say J is true. Maybe when some people hear J is true, they think K is true because of this. You want them to know K is not true, and you say this.

[I hear Tony, but I do not see Tony.]

Lisa says: "I can hear an animal, but I do not see it."

Tony says: "I can see __________ that you hear."