Learn These Words First (3E)

3-17. different.

[These things are different.] = These things are not the same.

[I want this kind of thing, but you want something different.]

3-18. make, makes, to make, making, made.

[J made K.] = J did something to some things and caused them to become parts of one different kind of thing that was not here before. K is this thing that now exists because of this.

[I used many small things to make this big thing.]

[J made K happen.] = J caused K to happen.

3-19. contain, contains, to contain, containing, contained.

[J contains K.] = K is inside J.

[I made something to contain all these small things.]

[Your body contains many parts.]

3-20. container, containers.

[X is a container.] = X is something that people make because they want to use it to contain other things.

[There are two things inside this container.]

Someone made these containers.

Each contains __________.