Learn These Words First (3F)

3-21. try, tries, to try, trying, tried.

[You try to do X.] = Because you want X to happen, you do things that you think can cause X to happen.

[I tried to do something good.]

3-22. change, changes, to change, changing, changed.

[X changed.] = Something happened to X. Because of this, X is not the same as before.

[After this kind of animal is alive for some time, its body changes.]

[J changed K.] = J caused K to change.

[When these people did something bad, it changed what I thought about them.]

3-23. surface, surfaces, surface of, surfaces of, on the surface.

[You see the surface of X.] = You see part of X. This part is where other things can touch X.

[I can see the surface of this thing, but I cannot see what is inside.]

[When I touched this thing, I could feel parts of it moving below its surface.]

[J is on the surface of K.] = J is touching the surface of K.

Tony wants to know what is inside this container.

Tony tries __________.