Learn These Words First (3G)

3-24. choose, chooses, to choose, choosing, chose, chosen.

[You choose one of these things.] = There are two or more things you can do. If you do one of these, you cannot do another. You think about these and what you want to do. There is one moment when you know what one of these you want more, and after this moment, you try for some time to do this one.

[You can choose to have one of these things.]

[I chose this big one.]

3-25. between.

[X is in a place between J and K.] = X is in a place. J is on one side of X, and K is on the other side of X.

[X happens at a time between J and K.] = X happens after J and before K.

[X is between J and K.] = X is more than J but not more than K.

3-26. from.

[X moved here from this other place.] = X was in this other place before it moved for some time. Because X moved, it is here after this, and it is not in this other place.

3-27. machine, machines.

[X is a machine.] = X is something people make. When people make some things like X, they use many parts to make these things. Some parts of X move. Some parts can cause other parts to move. People make things like this because these things do something that people want. These things can do more than people can do and more than people want to do.

[I used a machine to cause these big things to move.]

Tony wants to make something using a machine.

Tony is between two different machines.

Tony says: "I can __________ one of these machines."