Learn These Words First (3H)

3-28. damage, damages, to damage, damaging, damaged.

[J damaged K.] = J did something to K that was bad for K and it changed K like this: Before this happened, some parts of K were good more than now. Before this happened, K could do some things more than it can now.

[You cannot move now because something damaged part of your body.]

3-29. difficult.

[Doing X is difficult.] = You cannot do X if you do not do much more or think much more than when you do many other things.

[Something very big can be more difficult to make than something small.]

3-30. easy, easily.

[Doing X is easy.] = Doing X is not difficult.

[I can easily make a small machine.]

3-31. control, controls, to control, controlling, controlled.

[You control X.] = You can choose what you want X to do and you can cause X to do what you choose. You cause X to do some things and not do other things.

[When you touch a small part of this machine, you can control where the machine moves.]

[Animals can be difficult to control.]

Tony tried to make something using this machine.

The machine was __________ and damaged the thing Tony was making.