Learn These Words First (4B)

4-05. towards.

[J moves towards K.] = J moves more near to K.

[Tony moved towards the other side of this place.]

4-06. hold, holds, to hold, holding, held.

[You hold X.] = You touch X to cause it to be near to you for some time. You touch X to control where it moves or cause it not to move.

[I held part of this machine and caused it not to move.]

[This big container can hold many small things inside.]

4-07. pull, pulls, to pull, pulling, pulled.

[You pull X.] = You make X move like this: You hold part of X and cause it to move towards you.

[I tried pulling the animal to make it move to a different place.]

Tony holds part of a machine.

Tony pulls this machine __________.