Learn These Words First (4D)

4-11. eye, eyes.

[These are your eyes.] = These are two parts of your body. You can see because of these two body parts.

[You use your eyes to see.]

4-12. look, looks, to look, looking, looked, look at, looks at, to look at, looking at, looked at.

[J looks like K.] = You move your eyes to see J, and when you see it, you think what you see is like K.

[This person looks like someone bad.]

[This machine does not look difficult to make.]

[You look at X.] = You move your eyes to see X.

4-13. mark, marks, to mark, marking, marked.

[Something marks X.] = Something touches X and changes the colour of a small part of its surface. After this, you can see that this part of its surface does not look the same as other parts of its surface.

[Tony and Lisa marked something in this place because they wanted other people to know they were here.]

[I see the marks that a machine made when it touched this surface.]

4-14. write, writes, to write, writing, wrote, written.

[You write something.] = You mark a surface, because you want someone to see these marks after this and know what words you want them to think about. They can know these words, because the shapes of your marks are the same shapes that other people use when they want someone to think about these same words.

[I see the words you wrote.]

[Someone wrote: "Tony saw Lisa."]

Tony put some things inside a container.

Tony wants Lisa to see the things inside the container.

Tony writes some words on the surface of the container.

Tony writes: "__________."