Learn These Words First (4E)

4-15. draw, draws, to draw, drawing, drew, drawn.

[You draw something.] = You mark a surface. These marks are not the same as what people use to write words. When people see these marks, they see shapes that look like other things people can see.

[I drew something that looks like a person.]

4-16. plan, plans, to plan, planning, planned.

[You plan to do X.] = Before you do X, you think about this for some time and choose when to do things and where to put things. Maybe you write or draw something that people can see, and because of this they can know what you want to do.

[I plan to make a machine.]

4-17. expect, expects, to expect, expecting, expected.

[You expect X to happen.] = You think about what can happen after this time. Maybe X happens after this time, and maybe X does not happen. Before you know what happens, you think like this: You think X happens much more than you think X does not happen.

[These people did not expect to die in this place.]

4-18. important.

[X is important.] = You think X causes or can be used to cause something that you very much want. If this does not happen, this could feel very bad for you.

[I did the things you said were important to do, and because of this I did not die.]

[Doing something good for other people is important.]

Tony drew something that Tony expects to make.

Other people can see this __________.