Learn These Words First (4F)

4-19. tell, tells, to tell, telling, told.

[J told me K.] = J said K to me. J said this because J wants me to do this or to think this is true.

[These people told me not to touch their animals.]

4-20. less, less than.

[There is less here than in the other place.] = There is more in the other place than there is here.

[There is less inside the small container than there is inside the big container.]

[J is like X less than K is like X.] = K is like X more than J is like X.

[These two things are bad, but this one is less bad than the other one.]

[I want this one less than I want the other one.]

4-21. will.

[J will do K.] = At a time after now, J does K or you expect J to do K.

[I used this machine before, but I do not think I will use it after now.]

4-22. through.

[J moved through K.] = J was on one side of K. Then J moved into K and moved inside towards the other side of K. Then J moved out of K on the other side.

[These things are changed when they move through this machine.]

Lisa tells Tony to move through this thing, and Tony moves through it.

Then Lisa tells the small animal to move through this thing.

Tony thinks __________.