Learn These Words First (4G)

4-23. need, needs, to need, needing, needed.

[You need J if you want K to happen.] = K cannot happen if you do not do J or have J.

[I need a machine to make this kind of thing.]

[You need X.] = If you do not do X or have X, something bad can happen.

[You need to move far from this big animal.]

4-24. most, most of.

[X happens to most things here.] = X happens to many things here. Maybe X does not happen to all things here, but there are more things that X happens to than things that X does not happen to.

[Some of these containers are damaged, but most of them are not.]

4-25. bottom, bottoms, bottom of, bottoms of.

[J is the bottom of K.] = J is the part of K that is below all other parts of K.

[There are marks where the bottom of this machine touched the surface below it.]

4-26. down.

[X moved down.] = X moved from one place towards a place below it.

[I moved down towards the bottom part of this thing.]

Lisa put many small living things into this container.

Most of them __________.