Learn These Words First (5A)

5-01. gas, gases.

[X is a gas.] = X is air or some other kind of thing that is like air. X is like this: You cannot see it, but you can feel it touching you when it moves.

[Some kinds of gas are not good for you to breathe.]

5-02. solid.

[X is a solid.] = X is not like gases or other things that change shape when you put them inside different containers. X is like this: Its shape can be the same for a long time. It does not need to be inside a container to have the same shape for a long time. Other things can move and touch X but not cause its shape to change.

[I am touching something solid below me.]

5-03. hole, holes, hole in, holes in.

[J is a hole in K.] = K is something solid. J is a place inside K. There are not parts of K in this place. Other things can move into or through this place and be inside K.

[There is a hole in one side of this container.]

[Something big cannot move through a small hole.]

5-04. liquid, liquids.

[X is a liquid.] = X is like this: It is not a gas and not something solid. When it is inside a container, it moves down into the bottom part of the container, and its shape changes to be like the shape of the inside bottom part of the container. If there are very small holes through the bottom of the container, all of it will move down through these holes and out of the container.

[I put some liquid inside each container.]

Tony holds a container. There is a hole in the container.

__________ moves out of the hole and into the other container.