Learn These Words First (5C)

5-09. child, children.

[X is a child.] = X is a person or an animal. X is alive because two other living things existed before X existed. They were the same kind of living thing as X. They did something that caused X to exist. X was small at this time, but after some time, X can become big.

[I have one child.]

[These two people held their two children.]

5-10. female.

[X is female.] = People and many kinds of animals are like this: When two animals cause a child to exist, their child is alive inside the body of one of these two animals for some time. X is like the one that can have a child live inside its body.

[There are two female animals here.]

5-11. male.

[X is male.] = When two people or animals cause a child to exist, one of these two is female and the other one is not female. X is like the one that is not female.

[I have two children: One is male and the other is female.]

5-12. parent, parents, parent of, parents of.

[J and K are the parents of X.] = J and K are two people or animals. One is male and one is female. X is their child.

[One of my parents is alive, but the other died when I was small.]

Here is a group of three animals.

One of the big animals is female, and the other big animal is male.

The small animal is their child.

The two big animals __________.