Learn These Words First (5D)

5-13. mouth, mouths.

[X is your mouth.] = X is the part of your body that food moves through when it moves into your body. This part of your body moves when you say something.

[Saying something is difficult if there is food inside your mouth.]

5-14. drink, drinks, to drink, drinking, drank, drunk.

[J drinks K.] = J is a person or an animal. K is some liquid. J causes K to move into its body through its mouth.

[I drank some liquid from this container.]

5-15. young.

[X is young.] = X lives or exists now, and X lived or existed a short time before now, but X did not live or exist a long time before now.

[These young children cannot write.]

5-16. milk.

[X is milk.] = X is a liquid that many kinds of female animals make inside their bodies. Their children drink this liquid and do not need other kinds of food when they are young.

[Most people drink milk from their female parent when they are young.]

There is some food here and some milk inside a container.

This person wants to eat the food __________.