Learn These Words First (5G)

5-24. connect, connects, to connect, connecting, connected, connect to, connects to, to connect to, connecting to, connected to.

[J is connected to K.] = For some time this is true: Something causes part of J to be touching part of K at all times. This part of J cannot move if this part of K does not move.

[One part of this machine connects to two other parts.]

5-25. often.

[X happens often.] = There are many times when X happens.

[I often think about children who do not have food to eat.]

5-26. white.

[X is white.] = The colour of X is like the colour of milk.

[I saw two small white animals eating your food.]

5-27. light, lights.

[X is light.] = X is something people need to be able to see. When there is much of this in a place, people can see many things in this place. When there is not some of this in a place, people cannot see things in this place. X can move into your eyes from places far from here, and because of this, you can see things that are far from here.

[I need some light in this place, because I want to see.]

Lisa is holding one end of something long.

The white animal __________.