Learn These Words First (6A)

6-01. water.

[X is water.] = X is a kind of liquid that many kinds of living things need to live. People and animals drink this liquid often. There are many places where there is very much of this liquid. This liquid can become gas and move far above places where people live. It can then become liquid and move down where people are.

[I have some water to drink inside this container.]

6-02. plant, plants.

[X is a plant.] = There are many kinds of living things that are not animals. X is one of these. X is a living thing that will die in a place if there is not light for a long time.

[An animal ate the plant that was growing here.]

6-03. ground.

[X is the ground.] = X is something solid. There is very much of it below the places where people live. Most plants have some parts that grow down into it and other parts that grow up above it.

[Four parts of this big animal are touching the ground below it.]

6-04. dry, dries, to dry, drying, dried.

[X is dry.] = X is not touching water or liquid.

[The plants died in this place where the ground was very dry.]

[Something dries X.] = Something causes X to become dry.

If the ground is very dry, these plants will die.

These plants __________.