Learn These Words First (7A)

7-01. flat.

[X is flat.] = The shape of X is like the top surface of water when there is much water in a place and this water does not move.

[I plan to make a building in this place where the ground is flat.]

7-02. green.

[X is green.] = The colour of X is like the colour of most living parts of most plants.

[You can eat the round green parts of this plant.]

7-03. thin.

[X is thin.] = You think like this about the shape of X: All parts of the front surface of X are very near to the back surface of X.

[I made some food that is flat and thin.]

[Because this thing is very thin, I can easily make a hole through it.]

7-04. tree, trees.

[X is a tree.] = X is a kind of plant that can grow very big and live for a very long time. There are many kinds of plants like this. Parts of these plants grow down into the ground. One wide part grows up above the ground, and many long narrow parts grow up from this wide part. Many thin flat green parts grow out from these narrow parts. The tops of these plants can grow far above the ground and high above people.

[I used parts of this tree to make a building.]

These two people are looking at __________.