Learn These Words First (7B)

7-05. carry, carries, to carry, carrying, carried.

[J carries K.] = K is not touching the ground, because J is holding K. At the same time that J is holding K, J moves to another place. Because of this, K moves to the same place.

[When I moved to another building, I carried some food inside this container.]

7-06. sleep, sleeps, to sleep, sleeping, slept.

[You are sleeping.] = For a long time you do not move, and you do not use your eyes to see. You do not hear or feel or think about most things that are happening near you all this time. All people need to do this many times. Most people in a place do this at times when there is not much light.

[The children did not know that someone moved near them, because they were sleeping.]

7-07. arm, arms.

[X is one of your arms.] = X is a long part of your body. People have two of these long body parts. One is on one side of your body, and another is on the other side of your body. One end of X is connected to the big part of your body near your head. The other end of X has five narrow parts that can each move and touch things. You can use these two long parts of your body to carry things.

[I moved my arms in front of my head to prevent something hitting my eyes.]

7-08. hand, hands.

[X is one of your hands.] = X is one end of each of your arms. X has five narrow parts. Each of these five narrow parts can move and touch the other four parts, and each can move when the other four parts do not move. You use X very often when you touch and hold things.

[I am using my two hands to hold this container.]

Lisa is using one hand to hold this thing.

Lisa is moving towards Tony __________.