Learn These Words First (7D)

7-14. start, starts, to start, starting, started.

[J starts doing K.] = J was not doing K before now. But J is doing K now and will do K for some time after now.

[After the food becomes less hot, you can start eating it.]

[This tree started growing here a long time before now.]

7-15. burn, burns, to burn, burning, burned, burnt.

[X is burning.] = X is very hot. This is causing X to change, and X will not be the same after this. This can cause parts of the air near X to be hot and to change. This can cause there to be light.

[This place was cold before, but it became hot when I started burning parts of a tree.]

7-16. music.

[X is music.] = X is some groups of sounds that people make for some time. These groups contain different sounds that are more or less loud and high or low. Many of these groups sound like other groups you hear before or after them. People make groups of sounds like this because people enjoy hearing this.

[When these three people make music, I enjoy hearing it.]

Tony wants more light in this place.

Because of this, Tony causes these three things __________.