Learn These Words First (7E)

7-17. hurt, hurts, to hurt, hurting.

[This part of your body hurts.] = Something feels bad inside this part of your body. It feels very bad for you, like when something damages part of your body.

[Something hit my head, and now my head hurts.]

[J hurts K.] = J does something that damages K or feels bad for K.

[Some bad children tried to hurt this animal.]

7-18. hard.

[X is hard.] = X is something solid. You cannot change the shape of X, or you cannot easily cause the shape of X to change.

[If your head hits something hard, it can damage your head.]

7-19. press, presses, to press, pressing, pressed.

[J presses K.] = J causes K to change shape like this: One side of K is touching a hard surface that does not move. J is touching the other side of K. J moves towards the hard surface, and this causes the shape of K to change.

[When I make this kind of food, I press some of it between my two hands to make it flat and thin.]

This person is making some food.

She puts three round things on a hard flat surface.

Then she uses her hand __________.