Learn These Words First (7G)

7-24. likely.

[X is likely to happen.] = You think about what will happen after this time. Maybe X will happen, and maybe X will not happen. Before you know what happens, you think like this: You think X will happen much more than you think X will not happen. You think this because you know there are more other times like this when something like X happened.

[This bad person is likely to say something that is not true.]

7-25. cut, cuts, to cut, cutting.

[Something cuts X.] = X is something solid. Something causes two parts of X not to be connected, like this: Something hard and very thin presses X and moves between two parts of X. Because of this, these two parts of X become not connected. These two parts of X were connected before, but after this thin thing presses between them, they are not connected.

[Because I cut one end of this long part of the tree, it is not connected to the tree now.]

7-26. piece, pieces, piece of, pieces of.

[J is a piece of K.] = K is a kind of thing that is solid. J is some of this solid. J is one thing like this: There are many parts of this kind of solid thing. J is one of these many parts, but J is not connected to other parts of this solid now.

[I cut my food and put a small piece of it inside my mouth.]

7-27. taste, tastes, to taste, tasting, tasted.

[J tastes like K.] = There is a long part inside your mouth that moves when you say something. When this part touches food inside your mouth, you can know something about this food that you cannot know if you touch it using your hands. You know this kind of thing about J because J touches this part inside your mouth. What you know about J is like what you know about K when it touches this part inside your mouth.

[This plant does not taste good.]

This person sees some food. He thinks it will taste good.

__________ because he wants to eat it.