Learn These Words First (7H)

7-28. circle, circles.

[X is a circle.] = X is a shape. Someone can mark a flat surface to make this shape. You think like this about the shape of X: The distance between the centre of X and each part of X is the same as the distance between the centre of X and each other part of X.

[I drew a circle around one of the words you wrote.]

7-29. picture, pictures, picture of, pictures of.

[J is a picture of K.] = J is something that a person or machine makes. K is something you can see, like a person or a place or some other thing. J has a flat surface, and a person or machine causes different parts of this surface to become different colours. Because of this, when you see this surface, you see something that looks like K.

[I drew a picture of an animal and two trees.]

7-30. stone, stones.

[X is a piece of stone.] = X is something hard and heavy that people do not make and that is not alive. Very many of these are parts of the ground or are far below the surface of the ground. X can be very small or big like a building.

[Some people make buildings using many pieces of stone.]

7-31. find, finds, to find, finding, found.

[You find X.] = You now know that X is here in this place. But before now, you did not know this. Maybe you wanted to know where X was, but you did not know before now.

[This animal is trying to find some food.]

Tony drew two circles on a flat surface.

Lisa drew __________ on the other flat surface.