Learn These Words First (8A)

8-01. allow, allows, to allow, allowing, allowed.

[You allow X to happen.] = X can happen, because you do not do things to prevent or stop it.

[I do not allow my children to hurt animals.]

8-02. turn, turns, to turn, turning, turned.

[X is turning.] = X is moving like this: The sides of X are moving around the centre of X.

[When this part of the machine turns, it causes these other parts to turn.]

8-03. metal.

[X is metal.] = X is something that people can find below the surface of the ground. People use it to make many things, like this: People cause it to become very hot to make it become liquid. Then people make this liquid become a shape that they want. When this liquid becomes less hot, it becomes solid and hard. Light cannot move through it. People often use this to make things that can cut other things.

[Many parts of this machine are made using metal.]

[These parts are different colours because I made them using two different kinds of metal.]

8-04. vehicle, vehicles.

[X is a vehicle.] = X is something that people make because it can move from one place to another and carry people and other things. When X moves, people and things can be inside or on top of X, and this causes them to move to the same place where X moves.

[Some vehicles move on top of the ground, and other vehicles move on the surface of water.]

This is a kind of vehicle. People make this using metal.

There are two parts of this vehicle that look like big circles.

When this vehicle moves, __________.