Learn These Words First (8B)

8-05. hair, hairs.

[X is a hair.] = X is something long and very thin and narrow. Many of these grow out of the surface of the bodies of many kinds of animals. Most people have many of these growing out of the top part of the head.

[When someone cuts your hair, it does not hurt.]

8-06. twist, twists, to twist, twisting, twisted.

[You twist X.] = You hold one part of X and do not allow it to move. At the same time, you cause another part of X to turn. This can cause the shape of X to change.

[Someone twisted my arm, and now it hurts.]

8-07. string, strings.

[X is a string.] = X is something long and thin and narrow that people make. People can make X using many animal hairs or other long thin things like animal hairs. To make X, people twist many hairs to connect them. When many hairs are connected like this, it can make X become something very long.

[To connect several things, I can put a string through a small hole in each of them.]

Lisa holds one end of this string. The other end is connected to a container.

When Lisa pulls the string, __________.