Learn These Words First (8D)

8-13. give, gives, to give, giving, gave, given, give this to.

[You give X to someone.] = X is something you have. But now you cause someone to have X, and after this you do not have X.

[I gave some of my food to the children.]

8-14. mix, mixes, to mix, mixing, mixed.

[You mix J and K.] = J is one kind of thing in one place. K is another kind of thing in another place. You move J and K into the same place or container, and you move all the small parts of J and K into many different parts of this place or container. Because of this, there are parts of J near all the parts of K, and there are parts of K near all the parts of J.

[I mixed some dry food and some milk inside this container.]

8-15. paper.

[X is a piece of paper.] = X is something people make, like this: People cut the hard parts of trees to make many very small pieces. People mix these very small pieces and very hot water. Then people press this and make it become long and wide but very thin and flat. When this becomes dry, it makes a flat surface where people can write or draw things.

[My children gave me several pieces of paper where they drew pictures.]

8-16. cover, covers, to cover, covering, covered.

[J is covering K.] = J is above K or around the sides of K. Because of this, other things cannot see K or touch K.

[Many pieces of paper fell out of the container and covered the ground.]

[You need to cover this food if you do not want the animals to touch it.]

Tony wants to give something to Lisa, but he does not want Lisa to see what it is.

Because of this, Tony __________.